Club Chinois Returns to Ibiza with an Extravagant Season

The highly anticipated Club Chinois, the team behind London’s iconic Park Chinois, returns to Ibiza for its second year with an extravagant and authentic season. The club will open its doors on April 30th, and locals and visitors alike can prepare themselves for the grand opening by attending one of the events taking place throughout April.

Located in the luxurious Ibiza Gran Hotel, Club Chinois is not just a club, but a nucleus for exclusive entertainment spread over 3000 square meters. The club has been meticulously designed by the award-winning Parisian design studio Laleh Asse, offering a trip to the golden age of Shanghai nightclubs where acrobats, cabaret, and artists will entertain with live shows starring international artists and DJs.

Club Chinois will be hosting a variety of events throughout April, each with its own unique theme and entertainment. Starting on April 6th, Boho Experience will be the first event of the season, featuring a selection of artists, guest DJs, live music, performances, fashion and art pop-ups, handmade decoration, and more. Club Chinois’ multi-sensory experience will be one of the big bets for the season, designed to help attendees escape reality and immerse themselves in a world of beauty where boundaries dissolve and heightened senses triumph over the mind.

On April 7th, the Renaissance event will aim to resurrect the serene pleasure of Ibiza, introducing the world to the best underground and electronic music. The TRIP event will be held on April 8th, 14th, 21st, and 29th, offering a surreal, psychedelic, and trippy experience with a unique touch and soundtrack provided by some of the world’s best underground DJs. On April 9th, the legendary and celebrated LGBT-friendly party La Troya will arrive at Club Chinois with its characteristic wild and crazy touch.

In House will be held on April 15th, a celebration of the hidden gems of house music from the past and the tracks of the future. International DJs and special guests will provide tantalizing sounds in a magical and intimate setting, complete with 360° kaleidoscopic visuals and an immersive journey that will awaken all the senses. Keep On Dancing will be held on April 22nd, featuring highly charged underground house sets made by DJ’s from the KOD family.

IMS Events will take place from April 26th to 28th, and the grand opening of Club Chinois will be on April 30th, offering an extraordinary night out with endless possibilities that embody the spirit of Ibiza.

Club Chinois is the epitome of hedonism, offering a tribute to the island’s nightlife where there is only one concern: having fun. The club is back in style, offering an unforgettable experience with a world-class contemporary music and entertainment.