Ibiza nightclub sells out in just a few hours

The sector is calling for more security this summer and the hotel school to "create a brand".

The opening of the nightclubs has caused a veritable tsunami in the social networks, on the internet. Expectation is at its peak after two summers with the nightclubs closed due to the health crisis of covid, and several of these nightlife giants have seen how the market has devoured the tickets already on offer in just a few hours.

“There is a discotheque that has sold in just a couple of hours a tremendous amount of tickets that it had on offer,” explains the manager of Ibiza Leisure, Jose Luis Benítez.

On the other hand, nightlife entrepreneurs sense that next summer could be exceptional. But in addition to some mutation of the virus, they fear that tourism will suffer due to a possible lack of security and quality of service.

For all these reasons, they offer “all their help” to the Consell to demand, for example, the bonus demanded by police, civil guards and civil servants to cope with the high cost of living on the island, especially in terms of housing. And a tourism school “as soon as possible”.

To guarantee the quality of service and also to “create an image”. “How nice it will be to say: ‘I studied hotel management in Ibiza’. We can create an impressive brand,” says José Luis Benítez.