Ibiza Leisure asked to eliminate plastic water bottles

Clubs and beach clubs say it is not easy because suppliers do not offer it in other packaging.

The environmental foundations IbizaPreservation and Bye Bye Plastictogether with the Sustainable Transformation Laboratory (Ma) team, met with the Ibiza Leisure Association to present a proposal for the elimination of plastic water bottles in their premises

In a statement, IbizaPreservation recalled yesterday that they have transferred to representatives of the main discotheques and beach clubs a citizen petition that they launched at the beginning of the summer season and that has already gathered nearly 700 signatures

These two foundations explain that they have “joined forces to ask Ibiza’s nightclubs associated with Ocio de Ibiza to be an example to follow globally and reduce their plastic footprint with three concrete measures to be implemented for next season”, such as “stop serving water in plastic or brik containers, offer more sustainable alternatives that comply with the waste law and work with organizations that promote sustainability to integrate circular models that eliminate single-use products”

IbizaPreservation wants water fountains to be installed in these locations in preparation for the 2023 openings

The Ibiza Leisure Association has committed, they point out, to assess the proposal, while stressing that most of the associates already work on reducing the plastic footprint in their establishments

The manager of the association, José Luis Benítezsaid, according to these two foundations, that their stores have been working for years to reduce single-use plastics and replace them with other recyclable or reusable materials that have a lower environmental impact. “There are even some stores that are already 100 percent plastic free”

Benítez also recalled that “it is not easy” to dispense entirely with plastic water bottles because the supplying companies do not offer it in other containers

From IbizaPreservation they have already announced that, at the very least, they will try to have water fountains installed in these premises for the opening parties in 2023. “Ibiza nightclubs set trends around the world and we believe they have the power to lead a global change in the music industry and also at the level of sustainability,” they insisted in their statement