La Troya Ibiza. After the great ‘Bacanal’ La Troya goes to party at a mental asylum

La Troya starred last Wednesday a big bacchanal at Heart's club and tonight will set the party in a mental asylum

‘Bacanal’ is one of the most recurring themes of La Troya and was the most colorful party last Wednesday in Ibiza.

It is believed that the Bacchanals were introduced to Ibiza when the island was taken by the Roman Empire, and that the emperors and the Roman aristocracy loved coming to the White Island, among other things, to organize bacchanals in it. In the Greek and Roman world, the Bacchanals were celebrations in honor of Bacchus in which they drank without measure. The primitive cult was exclusively of women and for women and they were celebrated in secret once a year. Subsequently, the participation in the rites was extended to men and they were celebrated up to five times a month.

Tonight Heart Ibiza will become a mental asylum in which La Troya will throw the craziest party of the whole island.