Ibiza nightclub announces reopening with “the party of the century”

The venue will have an opening with 18 hours of partying in a row

On the 19th, the manager of Ibiza Leisure, José Luis Benítez, announced at Fitur that the sector’s forecast is for the island’s nightclubs to start opening at the end of April, two weeks earlier than was usual before the pandemic, and to keep them open until October and even November if all goes well.

Two days later, today, there is already a discotheque in Ibiza announcing its opening.

18 hours of non-stop partying

Amnesia has published today, both on its website and on its social networks, that its opening will be on May 21st. “Finally! After a difficult few years for the music industry, we are back with more enthusiasm and more strength than ever because, let’s see, we all know how much you (and we too) want to have the party of the century at the opening,” says the venue.

The event will start at 6pm and will end at 12 noon the following day. In total, 18 hours of partying, with a line-up of DJs that will be announced shortly, as well as other parties and novelties that are being prepared for the 2022 season, as Amnesia assures.

Tickets already on sale

Tickets for the opening have already gone on sale: 33 euros with two drinks included for those who enter the club before 8pm on 21 May, and 55 euros for those who enter at any other time.

The club reminds that tickets are limited to the maximum capacity allowed by the current pandemic restrictions.

Warming up before the opening

Amnesia also informs that before the opening party there will be an event to “warm up the engines” with a Pyramid party, although details will be announced soon.