Dancing as a symbol of freedom and equality

The 'El Baile' party will be every Thursday at Pacha Ibiza from the 7th of July until the 6th of October.

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Music, technology, performance, visuals and theatre will collide to pay tribute to the chronicles of Ibiza’s dance culture at the ‘El Baile’ party at Pacha Ibiza, starting on July 7th. Storytellers presents a new immersive experience based on the book ‘El Baile’, which commemorates the 25th anniversary of Pacha Ibiza.

Rooted in our values of inclusivity, Pacha is the mothership for all in ‘The Dance’. All are welcome to experience this journey with Storytellers into a brighter future, which is expressed in the creative direction of the event through the theatricality and costumes encouraged by XTRA.

‘The Dance’ tells the story of Ibiza through 14 ‘Chapters’ events. For the opening party, ‘The Dance’ brings the iconic Erykah Badu to the island for the first time.

In addition, Pacha’s Funky Room will become X, a special collaboration with artist Ana Sting to provide a hedonistic haven for reverie and play.

Finally, Pachacha will welcome Ibiza’s most legendary DJs in a room called ‘Bailearic’ and the terrace will become La Calle de la Virgen, in honour of the historic street of sa Penya, in the port of Ibiza.


2022wed29jun(jun 29)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha


2022fri01jul11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat02jul(jul 2)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon04jul(jul 4)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022tue05jul(jul 5)11:59 pmFeaturedMaluma11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed06jul(jul 6)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri08jul(jul 8)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat09jul(jul 9)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon11jul(jul 11)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022tue12jul(jul 12)11:59 pmFeaturedMaluma11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed13jul(jul 13)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri15jul(jul 15)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat16jul(jul 16)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon18jul(jul 18)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022tue19jul(jul 19)11:59 pmFeaturedMaluma11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed20jul(jul 20)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri22jul(jul 22)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat23jul(jul 23)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon25jul(jul 25)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022tue26jul(jul 26)11:59 pmFeaturedMaluma11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed27jul(jul 27)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri29jul(jul 29)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat30jul(jul 30)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha


2022mon01aug11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed03aug(aug 3)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri05aug(aug 5)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat06aug(aug 6)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon08aug(aug 8)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed10aug(aug 10)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri12aug(aug 12)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat13aug(aug 13)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon15aug(aug 15)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed17aug(aug 17)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri19aug(aug 19)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat20aug(aug 20)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon22aug(aug 22)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed24aug(aug 24)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri26aug(aug 26)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat27aug(aug 27)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon29aug(aug 29)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed31augSaga(august 31) 11:59 pm Pacha


2022wed31augSaga(august 31) 11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri02sep(sep 2)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat03sep(sep 3)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon05sep(sep 5)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed07sep(sep 7)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri09sep(sep 9)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat10sep(sep 10)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon12sep(sep 12)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed14sep(sep 14)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri16sep(sep 16)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat17sep(sep 17)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon19sep(sep 19)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed21sep(sep 21)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri23sep(sep 23)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat24sep(sep 24)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon26sep(sep 26)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed28sep(sep 28)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri30sepMusic On(september 30) 11:59 pm Pacha


2022fri30sepMusic On(september 30) 11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat01oct11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022mon03oct(oct 3)11:59 pmFlower Power11:59 pm Pacha

2022wed05oct(oct 5)11:59 pmSaga11:59 pm Pacha

2022fri07oct(oct 7)11:59 pmMusic On11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat08oct(oct 8)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

2022sat15oct(oct 15)11:59 pmThe Masquerade11:59 pm Pacha

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